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During a trip through Indonesia in 1998, Moon Zijp, designer of the P-Mate, was confronted with the fact that she had to cope with difficulties every time she needed to pee. On the Academy of Arts (Kunstacademie) in Amsterdam, she developed the first P-Mate (than called the Plastuit). With this P-Mate she could pee standing up. She performed this on several occasions. These performances brought a lot of laughter and even more attention to the P-Mate.

Good ideas stick and the interest grow rapidly. In 1999 Moon performed live during “Paul de Leeuw LIVE” at that time one of the biggest TV talk shows. A break through was eminent. Over 1.000.000 people saw Moon use the P-Mate liveon television!

Overwhelmed by all publicity and interest, Moon decided to make the P-Mate an official product and make it available for all women in the Netherlands. From that moment the P-Mate started a revolution in the idea about peeing for women. Not only in the Netherlands, but also international is de P-Mate unstoppable.

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The only real and original urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up, without undressing.
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